Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker, nationally acclaimed author and speaker, brought a night of laughter, encouragement and inspiration to moms in February 2013.

We enjoyed a night of worship, hearing Jen’s heart for moms, Q&A and a book signing afterward.

Jen speaks and writes to women throughout the U.S.. A mom of five, including two adopted children from Africa, Jen is hilarious and has moms laughing throughout her talks. She has an unique message that will inspire and challenge moms of any age.

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You can visit her website here.

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“Jen Hatmaker was truly inspirational. As a new mom, she helped me to remember I don’t have to be perfect. She helped me to view my new role of a mom as Christ views it. It was a true blessing in my life and my families life.” – Diana
“Jen Hatmaker delivered an amazing, eye-opening message to equip mothers to minister to the next generation with true impact.” – Yuri

“I loved listening to this speaker! She challenged and encouraged me to enjoy God’s love and bring my children along to show God’s love.” – Karina
“Hearing Jen Hatmaker minister at this event was life-changing and transformative for me as a mom, a wife, and woman of God.” – Dana

“Jenn shared words that spoke to my soul in regards to practical ways to parent and bring up kids IN JESUS. A lot of what she had to say had always been in my heart, but I had never been able to communicate it. I had been raised in a religious home as a child. A lot had to do with appearances at church….how we behaved mainly as my father was a deacon. Things at home were the complete opposite, however. I grew to hate my family and the church. As soon as i could, i moved out and lived a completely rebellious life. I did not want to have ANYTHING to do with church folk and their phoniness. After several years and an overdose in my car at work, i finally wanted Jesus… But the real Jesus. I had seen how dark things could be…so i knew the LIGHT must be so much brighter. I want to display Jesus to my daughter…as Jen touched on at her conference. Kids are going to run from the church as i did if they get a phony Jesus. They can smell a counterfeit. The generation we are raising wants the real thing. To be Jesus to the people they come into contact with…to share His love and compassion in real and practical ways. Not to just sit in church on Sundays and hear about Him….but to experience Him for real.”